Tips For Attacking Players

Here are some facts about attacking a player.

  • You can hit a player 2 times on your own within 30 mins before they are shielded.
  • A player can be hit 3 times within 30 mins if the attacks are alternated between 2 different players.
  • After you attack someone it takes 5 mins for that players base to start repairing.
  • Once the base starts repairing it takes a full 30 mins for a single building to repair to full health.
  • You can scout and attack players 3 times your level.
Lessons learned from these facts.

  • If you attack a player and wipe their base completely, try to attack that player again after 5 mins or as close to 5 mins as you can get because their buildings will be at low health and retain the same amount of EXP.
  • Have someone of a much higher level attack a bases 3 times your level with rhinos to take out the defenses, then have them withdraw before they destroy anything else. This will allow you to take advantage of a players 3 times your level for max EXP. Remember to attack the player again by your self right at the 5 min mark to wipe them again. With their defenses at 1 bar of health you should be able to take them down without help or at least get close.