Chaining Bases

How chains are made:

Chains are made by separating 10 or less bases from the main group of bases. To chain effectively the last base taken to start the chain should be higher or same in level as the bases you wish to chain.

Before I show you how to chain I want to show you things that will not chain

Green = your bases
Red = enemy bases
Black = empty outpost
Blue square = attack point
Orange square = secondary attack point

The image below shows a impossible chain because a players base is touching the chain. Even if I was to attack where the blue square is the bases would not chain because of that players base. Even if the players base was a level 1 it would still stop the chain.

Below show a impossible chain because their are 12 bases below the blue square and that is to many bases in the group to chain. You may only chain up to 10 bases at a time.

Below shows two possible chains but one will only chain a single base while the other will chain 9 bases.

If you attack at the blue square you will not be able to chain the level 37 bases since they are higher level then the bases you are attacking to start the chain but the level 31 at the bottom will chain with it since its the same level.

If you attack the orange square you will take all the bases below it because it is the higher and or same level as the bases in the chain.

In the chain below you can see I have a total of 10 bases which 9 of them will become yours with a single attack at the blue square. The level 50 bases will not become yours because it is higher then the base you attacked to start the chain.

Below I will show you a super chain which is quite rare to find but a really productive way to take down a lot of bases at once.

We can take more then 10 bases in a chain by separating the chain into two groups with 10 or less bases. So in one attack we are chaining a group of 7 and a group of 8 at the same time.

Hex Code Hack Attacking

Keep in mind this is against Edgeworld terms and conditions and will likely will get you banned.  If your going to hack attack then do not be stupid about it and attack players while hacking because of the battle reports. Those player you attack will likely report you. Also it is advised not to take down PVE or map bases that are higher then what you can take down when not hacking. Although tempting Kabam will catch you and you will get banned.

If your someone that spends money on the game they might give you a warning first but that is not always the case.

If you want learn how to hack then please visit this site.

Tips For Attacking Players

Here are some facts about attacking a player.

  • You can hit a player 2 times on your own within 30 mins before they are shielded.
  • A player can be hit 3 times within 30 mins if the attacks are alternated between 2 different players.
  • After you attack someone it takes 5 mins for that players base to start repairing.
  • Once the base starts repairing it takes a full 30 mins for a single building to repair to full health.
  • You can scout and attack players 3 times your level.
Lessons learned from these facts.

  • If you attack a player and wipe their base completely, try to attack that player again after 5 mins or as close to 5 mins as you can get because their buildings will be at low health and retain the same amount of EXP.
  • Have someone of a much higher level attack a bases 3 times your level with rhinos to take out the defenses, then have them withdraw before they destroy anything else. This will allow you to take advantage of a players 3 times your level for max EXP. Remember to attack the player again by your self right at the 5 min mark to wipe them again. With their defenses at 1 bar of health you should be able to take them down without help or at least get close. 

Taking Down Level 250 Erazi Base

This one is quite a bit harder then the Helio base and will require a higher level. I have seen people take this base down at level 130 with boost on but I was not able to do it until I was around 170 with boost on. So you can try it when you have a attack health power of +1550% or more. In the video below the user has a attack and health level of +2270% and just barely succeeded. However he did mess up because the idea is for your units to be shooting as soon as they are dropped which he warped to far out and lost units before they were in range.

Best Base Set Up

Their are many ways to set your base up but I have found two ways that have worked for me.

First we must go over a few do's and don'ts.

Always set your Command Center in the center of the build-able square (blue square) and put the Silos around that. If someone destroys either one they will steal a percentage of your total resources. These must be protected at all cost!

Short ranged turrets should not be placed in front of long range turrets and should not be placed on the corners because specters will pick them off.

Find the right distance apart for your resource plants and turrets- to close and your base is pulse tank food but to far apart will not provide enough firepower on one area. 

Tec Lab, Staging Areas, Warp, Barracks, and Factory's should be placed outside of everything to help shield whats important. I would recommend placing these within range of your long ranged turrets so they do not get picked off so easy. The idea behind this is for these buildings to draw fire while long range guns pick off the attackers.

~Option 1~
The first way is more for the lower level players who do not yet have the option to build as many turrets and have not leveled up their long range turrets to level 5. The higher levels can use this base set up as well.

The idea behind this is to make your resources "look" impenetrable because the barrier of guns surrounding them. This forcing players to battle their way through turrets to take out resources which will generally cost them more then its worth.

It does not have to be set up in a square, in fact you can even make it round. The important thing is one type of building is surrounding the other as shown below.

~Option 2~
This way is more for the higher levels because their turrets can reach out beyond the point to where specters can hit the resources plants and outer buildings. The idea behind this is to make the resources look somewhat vulnerable to the untrained eye so it will provoke low levels to attack you. However, the turrets are well within range to pick off anything before they can take out of your resources. mwwhahaha!  In fact the units who attack will be drawn in closer to get a shot at your turrets which will bring them in range of even more turrets for maximum destruction.

High levels will have more turrets then they can fit in a single row around their CC and silos and the 4 silos they have will not fill the area around the CC as well. So you can place your short range turrets within the silo area along side the silos and the long ranged turrets around that.

Again this does not have to be set up in a square as shown below.

Taking Down Level 250 Helio Base

In order to take down the 250 base you will either need to have level 6 warp gate or be around level 80 attack and health. This means you will need to have a attack and health of around 800% bonus to take down this base successfully. This is not to say you cant do it with a lower bonus just that it wont come so easy.

I would recommend having a EXP boost on when attacking this base because it will give you a lot of exp just for the attempt which can level you up quickly and give back the warps if you don't succeed in taking it down.

Another recommendation would be to have your max resource captivity around 10 million or more to hold the resources you will get from the attack and levels gained. Also make sure you have a surplus of Spectors  units because you will lose a lot in these attempts.

Zoot Loot is Not Random

Zoot spins are not as random as you think! Although it displays multiple items you can so called win, the prize was picked when you hit that start button. No mater what square you pick the outcome prize will be the same making this whole random pick game a bit pointless. If you watch the video below you can see just what I mean.

So why would they rig the game? Well its simple, people will want to play more (buy more platinum's) when they think they have some control over the game . Thinking you have a chance to win a prize that is worth 600 platinum's for just 5 platinum's is enough to tempt anyone to spend the money. Don't get me wrong you can win great prizes but its not as easy as picking the right square.

Another reason to rig the game is to limit the amount of prizes the games gives out in one day. If you control the odds of the game then you control the money. This is the same tactic you would see on any slot machine which has the worst odds then any game in a casino. The idea is to have a few top prizes where it draws people in to play the game but the smaller prizes (1000 resources, 1min accelerator, etg) are not even worth the 5 platinum's you paid for the ticket. The sad part is you will win a lot more of the smaller prizes then you will of the good ones. On the bright side Kabam can give out more top prizes then a slot machine because their is no cost to them.