Chaining Bases

How chains are made:

Chains are made by separating 10 or less bases from the main group of bases. To chain effectively the last base taken to start the chain should be higher or same in level as the bases you wish to chain.

Before I show you how to chain I want to show you things that will not chain

Green = your bases
Red = enemy bases
Black = empty outpost
Blue square = attack point
Orange square = secondary attack point

The image below shows a impossible chain because a players base is touching the chain. Even if I was to attack where the blue square is the bases would not chain because of that players base. Even if the players base was a level 1 it would still stop the chain.

Below show a impossible chain because their are 12 bases below the blue square and that is to many bases in the group to chain. You may only chain up to 10 bases at a time.

Below shows two possible chains but one will only chain a single base while the other will chain 9 bases.

If you attack at the blue square you will not be able to chain the level 37 bases since they are higher level then the bases you are attacking to start the chain but the level 31 at the bottom will chain with it since its the same level.

If you attack the orange square you will take all the bases below it because it is the higher and or same level as the bases in the chain.

In the chain below you can see I have a total of 10 bases which 9 of them will become yours with a single attack at the blue square. The level 50 bases will not become yours because it is higher then the base you attacked to start the chain.

Below I will show you a super chain which is quite rare to find but a really productive way to take down a lot of bases at once.

We can take more then 10 bases in a chain by separating the chain into two groups with 10 or less bases. So in one attack we are chaining a group of 7 and a group of 8 at the same time.