How To Farm a Players Resources

With this tutorial I will show you how we can scan a players resources before we attack him. This comes in handy since the amount of resources the player holds at the current moment determines the amount of loot you can get from him.

You will need to be using Chrome or Firefox for this to work. If your using Firefox you will need to have a Add-on Extension Called Firebug.  This is just another reason why you should not be using IE or one of those other inferior browsers.

I am going to use Chrome for this tutorial but Firefox's Firebug is similar.

First we need to open up the interface by clicking Ctrl+Shift+I  or F12 while viewing your base in Chrome. If it does not come up click within the URL field at the top of your browser then try again. Firefox will have a Bug icon at the top right of the browser window if you have Firebug add on.

Click the Network option and you should see something like this below. If you cant see any of these images you can click on them to expand them to full size.

Now lets pull up a player on the world map and click the "Response" option as shown below. You should see something like this below. I have cropped the image to show only the data.

In the image above I have already clicked on the file needed to see the wanted data. You can find this by looking for a file named with numbers as show above. As you can see the response this file is showing is encoded.

Copy all the encoded output you see and open a program called Base64 to decode this. Paste the copied code into the box and make sure you have the option checked for decoding at the bottom of Base64.

Now just click the button at the bottom to decode this content and you should see something like I have below.

Now you just need to scroll through the output for any info you may want on the base. It will tell you how much each resource plant has in it along with the total amount of resources a player has. You can also use this data to see what units a player has queued up to build.

In  the example above you can see this player has...


If you look at the bottom of the interface you will see a clear button which should be used before scouting another player.