Zoot Loot is Not Random

Zoot spins are not as random as you think! Although it displays multiple items you can so called win, the prize was picked when you hit that start button. No mater what square you pick the outcome prize will be the same making this whole random pick game a bit pointless. If you watch the video below you can see just what I mean.

So why would they rig the game? Well its simple, people will want to play more (buy more platinum's) when they think they have some control over the game . Thinking you have a chance to win a prize that is worth 600 platinum's for just 5 platinum's is enough to tempt anyone to spend the money. Don't get me wrong you can win great prizes but its not as easy as picking the right square.

Another reason to rig the game is to limit the amount of prizes the games gives out in one day. If you control the odds of the game then you control the money. This is the same tactic you would see on any slot machine which has the worst odds then any game in a casino. The idea is to have a few top prizes where it draws people in to play the game but the smaller prizes (1000 resources, 1min accelerator, etg) are not even worth the 5 platinum's you paid for the ticket. The sad part is you will win a lot more of the smaller prizes then you will of the good ones. On the bright side Kabam can give out more top prizes then a slot machine because their is no cost to them.